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Staff Directory

Name Job Title Office/Building Location Phone/EXT
Adams, Kim A. Transition Resident Educator Program Coordinator SOESC, Wilmington 1032
Adams, Kim K School Improvement Consultant SOESC, Wilmington 1028
Adams, Melissa Physical Therapy Assistant Region 14 2216
Allen, Linda SATH Executive Director Region 14 2101 or
Allendorf, Valerie Speech Language Pathologist SOESC/Clinton County DD 513-608-9362
Ames, Tracy Physical Therapist Region 14 2220
Armstrong, Paula Occupational Therapist Region 14 2266
Bales, Erin Occupational Therapist Region 14 2118
Banning, Garry College Immersion Coordinator Wilmington College 937-481-2323
Barlow, Greg School Improvement Consultant Region 14 2113
Benedetti, Jenny Educational Interpreter Region 14 937-393-1904
Binau, Jill Gifted Intervention Specialist Clinton-Massie Local Schools 937-289-2932 ext 2202
Boone, Michael Physical Therapist Region 14 2270
Bradshaw, Curt Coordinator of Gifted Services SOESC, Wilmington 1026
Brewer, Margie Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Region 14 2232
Campton, Sherry Support Team/Administrative Assistant Region 14 2126
Carpenter, Brittany Human Resource Administrative Assistant SOESC, Wilmington 1024
Carr, Kimberly Speech Language Pathologist Bright Local School District 937927-7010 ext. 2446
Clark, Melissa Intervention Specialist Whiteoak High School 937-442-2241 ext. 11106 
 Cluxton, Rebecca Educational Audiologist Region 14 2107
Cochran, Rhonda Fiscal Clerk--Accounts Payable SOESC, Wilmington 1023
Coffey, Marla Volunteer SOESC, Wilmington 1038
Collins, Lacey Occupational Therapy Assistant Region 14  
Conkey, Tena Educational Aide Bright Local  
Conley, Elizabeth Intervention Specialist SOLC 4001
Conroy, Rogina Director of Human Resources SOECS,Wilmington 1012
Dean-Garnai, Julie Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Region 14 2132
Dendinger, Tracy  Agriculture Education Program Specialist/ODE SOESC, Wilmington 1030
Douglas, Kimberly School & Student Services Coordinator SOESC, Hillsboro 3903
Ely, Amanda Fiscal Clerk SOESC, Wilmington 1022
Engle, Terry Educational Aide Bright Local  
Ewry, Misty School Improvement Consultant SOESC, Hillsboro 3902
Farmer, Elizabeth Speech Language Pathologist Blanchester Local Schools 937-783-2081
Fischer, James Maintenance Manager Region 14 2257
Flora, Samantha Occupational Therapist Assistant Region 14 2117
Flora, Tyler Educational Aide Washington Court House  
Free, Suzanne Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Region 14 2133
Friend, Heidi Speech Language Pathologist Fairfield Local Schools 937-780-2988
Friend, Nicole Gifted Intervention Specialist Fairfield Local Schools 937-780-2977 ext. 19726
Gehring, Megan Adapted P.E. Specialist Region 14 2139
Gerber, Regina Gifted Intervention Specialist East Clinton Local Schools 937-584-9267 ext. 464
Gorby, Debbie Educational Interpreter Hillsboro High School/R14 937-393-1904
Griffith, Meghan Intervention Specialist Washington Court House 740-335-0291
Guarino, Charles Educational Aide SOLC 937-383-1691
Guthrie, Stacia Speech Language Pathologist Greenfield/Fairfield  
Hampton, Jamie Alternative Center Teacher SOLC 937-383-1691
Hardy, Olivia Occupational Therapy Assistant Region 14 2253
Harper, Natalie Occupational Therapist Region 14 2206
Haskins, Juliene Intervention Specialist SOLC 937-383-1691
Hatton, Marjorie Educational Aide Whiteoak HS  
Haynes, Verbena Occupational Therapy Assistant Region 14 2265
Helterbrand, Sherri School Improvement Consultant Region 14 2100
Hiler, Mary Administrative Assistant Region 14 2280
Huber, Stephanie Administrative Assistant SOESC, Wilmington 1036
Hutchinson, Patricia Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired Deaf Region 14 2128
Justice, Beth Superintendent, SOESC SOESC, Wilmington 1039
Kelch, Jill Early Childhood Itinerant Teacher Region 14 2145
Kelch, Linda Administrative Asst. EMIS & Caseload Mgr./Support Team Leader Region 14 2105
Kibler, Blake Intervention Specialist Bright Elementary 937-927-7010 ext. 2200
Kier, Kimberly Technology Aide Greenfield Exempted Village Schools 937-891-2411
Kirk, Alexis Early Learning & School Readiness Consultant Region 14 2134
Klump, Linda Parent Mentor Region 14 2127
Lawson, Felicia Educational Interpreter Region 14 2271
Leston, Mary Educational Aide Whiteoak High School 937-442-2241
Link, Deanne Curriculum Consultant  Greenfield Exempted Village Schools  
Lott, Ron Substitute School Psychologist East Clinton 937-584-2461
Ludwick Jennifer Administrative Assistant SOESC, Hillsboro 3901
Luttrell, Amy Family Consultant/Transition Specialist Region 14 2142 
Malone, Bret Student Services Coordinator/School Improvement Consultant SOESC/R14 1031
McCoy, Marcia Speech Language Pathologist West Union High School 937-544-2910 
McHugh, Patrick Intervention Specialist Washington Court House: Belle Aire 744-335-1810
Mead, Linda Early Learning and School Readiness Consultant Region 14 2137
Meyer, Rachel Treasurer SOESC, Wilmington 1025
Mickey, Deborah SST Early Literacy Specialist Region 14 2141
Miller, Diana Intervention Specialist Southern Ohio Learning Center 4005
Moster, Katherine Speech Language Pathologist Blanchester Local Schools  
Myers, Michelle Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Region 14 2104
Osborne, Carolynn Educational Aide Washington Court House  
Ozanich, Deborah Itinerant Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Region 14 2204
Porter, Patricia Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Region 14 2273
Prater, Tara Occupational Therapist Region 14 2240
Puckett, Becky Educational Aide Bright Elementary 937-927-7010 ext. 2200
Range, Kim Itinerant Teacher for the Visually Impaired Region 14 2119
Richards, Molly Occupational Therapy Assistant Region 14 2272
Royalty, Jeff Director, Region 14 Hopewell Center Region 14 2129
Ryan, Ellen Chief Physical Therapist Region 14 2102
Scroggins, Carrie Occupational Therapist Region 14 2122
Shrive, Paula School Psychologist Fairfield and Bright Local

FLS:  937-780-2977 ext. 19702

BLS: 937-927-7010

Sluss, Mackenzie Custodian SOLC  
Sodini, Thomas Educational Aide SOLC 4007
Spurlock, Jenny Director SOLC 4000
Stultz, Patricia Educational Aide Bright Elementary School 937-927-7010
Swayne, Valerie GRADS Instructor Adams County Ohio Valley Schools 937-544-2336
Tackett, Becky Educational Interpreter Region 14 937-393-1904
Thompson, Megan Fiscal Clerk-Accounts Receivable SOESC, Wilmington 1020
Thornbury, Ronald Occupational Therapist Region 14 2120
Tise, Shannon Occupational Therapist Region 14 2144
Tolle, Kathy Physical Therapist Region 14 2217
Trowbridge, Megan Autism and Low Incidence Consultant Region 14 2112
Walker, Amanda Educational Aide Bright Elementary 937-927-7010
Ward, Amanda Educational Aide SOLC  
Weaver, Abby Itinerant Teacher of the Hearing Impaired/Deaf Region 14 2110
Wellman, Shelly Gifted Intervention Specialist Blanchester Local Schools 937-783-3642 ext. 4234
West, Amy Occupational Therapist Region 14 2222
West, Tera School Psychologist Hillsboro City Schools 937-393-3485
Wise, Rebecca Educational Interpreter Region 14 937-393-1904
Wright, Ben Itinerant Teacher for the Hearing Impaired Region 14


Yahle, Janet Administrative Assistant SOESC, Wilmington 1021
Yahn, Tessa Educational Aide Washington Court House  

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