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What is an ESC?

Last Updated: 7/11/2018 6:43 PM <p >What is an ESC?  We get this question all the time.  In the next few minutes I hope to shed some light on what an Educational Service Center is. </p > <p >A little background on ESC’s in Ohio.   Currently there are 52 ESC’s in Ohio.  The Clinton County Board of Education was selected as the fiscal agent in 1968 by 18 school district superintendents.  The 18 superintendents represented Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette and Highland Counties.  This was the former Hopewell Special Educational Regional Resource Center territory.  Today the SOESC is recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as 1 of 16 regional fiscal agents for state support team work.</p > <p >In 1997 the Clinton County Board of Education, Fayette County Board of Education and the Highland County Board of Education merged to form the Clinton-Fayette-Highland Educational Service District.  Seven years later Adams County/Ohio Valley Local Schools joined the ESC and a year later we changed our name to the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center.</p > <p >Currently we serve ADAMS COUNTY -Adams County/Ohio Valley Local Schools, CLINTON COUNTY- Blanchester Local Schools, Clinton Massie Local Schools, East Clinton Local Schools, Wilmington City Schools, FAYETTE COUNTY-Miami Trace Local Schools and Washington, HIGHLAND COUNTY-Bright Local Schools, Fairfield Local Schools, Greenfield Local Schools, Hillsboro City Schools, Lynchburg Clay Local Schools. Twelve member school districts receive direct services through the ESC and eighteen receive special education cooperative services through Region 14/Hopewell Center to Manchester in Adams County and five school districts located in Brown County.  A total of 24,500 students and 2400 teachers are provided support through our organization.</p > <p ><span style="color:#0099ff;" >Our vision: Leading with Innovative Solutions for Student and Community Success</span ></p > <p ><span style="color:#0099ff;" >Our mission:  Ensuring Excellence in Performance by:</span ></p > <p ><span style="color:#0099ff;" >Pioneering high-quality services and learning through collaborative partnerships.</span ></p > <p ><span style="color:#0099ff;" >Inspiring continuous learning through shared expertise.</span ></p > <p ><span style="color:#0099ff;" >Fostering student, family, and community success by addressing tomorrow’s challenges today.</span ></p >