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Fingerprint Information

Last Updated: 1/12/2022 5:32 PM

Fingerprint Information:

All educators in the state of Ohio are required to be fingerprinted before entering a classroom. The SOESC provides fingerprinting services in our Wilmington and Hillsboro offices. 
To schedule an appointment, contact the 
Wilmington office: 937-382-6921 or Hillsboro office: 937-393-1904 ext. 3901

Fingerprint Costs:
BCI--$33 FBI--$35
Both BCI and FBI--$60

Please call our office for payment details.

state-issued Photo ID or Driver's License is required.


Webcheck results may take up to two weeks or more to be mailed from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and/or FBI.

We cannot advise what type of transaction you need (BCI only, FBI only, or a combination of both BCI & FBI), so please know in advance what type of transaction you need and the exact address of where the results need to be mailed.

Each year we receive many phone calls regarding fingerprinting. Currently, there are three reasons why an educator would need to be fingerprinted (BCI & FBI) in Ohio.  
#1: upon obtaining new employment with a school district.  For example, when a school district hires a new employee they are required to fingerprint that educator, regardless of how long since the last fingerprint.
#2: to apply for a new license ODE requires that fingerprints must be on file electronically within the last year. 
: if you are currently employed and not applying for a new license you will only need to have your FBI fingerprints taken every five years provided you have lived in Ohio for the past 5 years.  


If you are a certified teacher and you are looking for  full-time employment please visit the following website to submit your application:  
ODE-Education Jobs