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1. Complete a Mid-Year Review (BLUE SECTION) of the goals that you wrote in the fall. Record evidence and document progress on the Goal Setting
Template under Mid-Year Review. See  Below or October's Goal Document.
2. Now that the first semester has ended, discuss and reflect upon grading procedures. Make adjustments if necessary.
3. Discuss discipline and classroom procedures. Make changes as needed.
4. Discuss students who are at risk. Include strategies and communication with parents.
5. RE may consider a informal observation (GREEN SECTION) of the mentor or exemplary teacher. Record the date, class and subject in the Collaborative Log.
6. Talk about bullying. Discuss ways that it is manifested and things that can be done.
7. RE completes the Instructional Planning Guide Cycle 2 (BLUE SECTION)for the lesson to be observed.
8. RE and mentor discuss the Instructional Planning Guide Cycle 2 (BLUE SECTION) at the Pre-Observation Conference.
9. Complete a full Observation.
10. Use the Reflection on Instruction and Revision for the Post-Observation Interview.
11. Discuss the observation issues and ideas for improvement.
12. Place the paperwork from the observation (GREEN SECTION) in your Resident Educator Portfolio.
13. Discuss classroom discipline procedures that could be better.
14. Study Standard 3 - Assessment. Discuss ways students are assessed including the use of rubrics.
15. Discuss ways to use time effectively. Encourage discussion of time-saving procedures used by other teachers on the staff.
Year 1 Instructional Cycle 2
Instructional Practices
Pre-Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Post Observation Conference: A Reflective Conversation
Reciprocal Observation
Exemplary Teacher Observation: Reflective Conversation Observation
Observation of Exemplary Teacher by Resident Educator TEMPLATE
BLUE SECTION MATERIALS: October's Goal Documents:
Professional Goal-Setting: A Guide for Mentors Working with Resident Educators
Goal Setting Template: SMART GOAL 1 & 2
End-of-Year Reflection on Professional Goals