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Year 1 Last Updated: 1/11/2021 5:10 PM


1. Discuss the observation and information that was gained. Document progress.
2. RE may consider a short informal observation (GREEN SECTION))of the mentor or exemplary teacher. Record date, class and subject in the Collaborative Log.
3. Prepare for the end of the grading period.
4. Review curriculum guide and lesson planning. What content is critical at this point? Discuss goals for the remainder of the year.
5. Make a list of all students whose grades are low. Brainstorm ways for improvement and communication with parents.
6. Discuss discipline problems that continue. Collaborate with another teacher who has this student(s).
7. Have the RE and a colleague or mentor team-teach a lesson. Examine the assessments together and strategize ways for improvement.
8. Discuss standardized testing.
9. Discuss ways to combat fatigue and busy schedules. Include ways to make the best use of teacher time at school and at home.
10. Collaborative Log to record conversation of Resident Educator and Mentor.
Instructional Practices
Pre-Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Post Observation Conference: A Reflective Conversation
Reciprocal Observation
Exemplary Teacher Observation: Reflective Conversation Observation
Observation of Exemplary Teacher by Resident Educator TEMPLATE