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Last Updated: 1/11/2021 5:10 PM


1. Complete the First Year Resident's Self Assessment Tool (YELLOW SECTION) ~Use the SMART Goals Tool to write 2 goals.
2. Complete the Goal Setting Template - one for each goal. (BLUE SECTION)
3. Complete one Formal Observation of RE which includes a Pre-observation conference and Post-Observation conference. (GREEN SECTION)
4. Gather necessary materials; involve principal, department chairperson, team leader or others to locate, distribute, and discuss many of these items:
    ~Course of Study, Lesson Plan books, forms for attendance and grades
    ~Teachers' manuals, schedules, duty roster, seating charts
    ~IEPs for students, forms, etc.
    ~Crisis Intervention Plan
5. Discuss overview of curriculum: course of study/goals for each lesson. Include discussion on lesson plan format.
6. Collaborative Log: Document all formal conversations between the Resident Educator and Mentor.
7. Focus study and discussion around Standard 5 including fairness, developing rapport, setting challenging expectations, the discipline plan, room arrangement for special students, and safety.
8. Discuss progress reports: how, when, etc. and ways to communicate with parents. (Standard 3: Element 4)
9. Discuss methods for reconciliation and conflict resolution.
10. Discuss ways to utilize specialists, tutors, and counselors.
11. Continue to discuss classroom management tasks and procedures.
Resident Educator Year 1 Self-Assessment
Resident Educator Year 1 Self-Assessment Summary
Professional Goal-Setting: A Guide for Mentors Working with Resident Educators
Goal Setting Template: SMART GOAL 1 & 2
End-of-Year Reflection on Professional Goals
Observation: A Guide for Mentors Working with Resident Educators
Protocols for Ongoing Observation and Instructional Practices
Pre-Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Post Observation Conference: A Reflective Conversation
Reciprocal Observation
Exemplary Teacher Observation: Reflective Conversation Observation
Observation of Exemplary Teacher by Resident Educator TEMPLATE