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Resource Directives

Google Hangout~Adobe Spark~Screencastify


Let’s Talk- Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts can essentially be distance learning. This will allow for you to save your time, keep you organized, and collaborate in real time.


With Google Hangout you can message, similar to text message via mobile device. Google Hangout also allows you to voice or video call. You can use these tools to communicate with one person or a group of people.


To learn more, view this video which serves as a learning tool and shows how to get started with Google Hangouts.

View this resource video: Google Hangout Tutorial


Google Hangout works directly with your Google Calendar. This assists you when planning a Hangout with colleagues, students, educators, or anyone else you may need to reach who has a Google account. 


Scheduling a Google Hangout 

 View this resource video: How To Schedule Event Tutorial


Steps to schedule a Google Hangout 


1. Go to your Calendar and set an appointment date and time

2. Select more Options

3. In the drop down menu it will defer to add conference, drop down to Google Hangouts.

4. Type message in message field.

5. Invite Guests using their email address.

6. Select Join Hangouts and send.

7. Log on at the time of the meeting.

8. If users do not have Hangout capability, they can elect to join using their phone number.


Let’s Talk- Adobe Spark Video


A storytelling application, which can be used to recap an event or lesson. This allows you to get important information accessible to your students and staff. The application enables the ability to add graphics, audio recording, music, text, photos, and video. These features are used to create short, animated, narrated, informative videos. 


How- to get started with your first Adobe Spark Video. View this resource video: Adobe Spark Video


For more advanced use of Adobe Spark Video 

View this resource video: Adobe Spark 


Let’s Talk- Screencastify


Screencastify is used to easily edit, record, and share video. This application allows you to record your screen. Recording your screen makes for a great opportunity to show how to use online portals, and create tutorials. 


Southern Ohio ESC’s Kim K. Adams has created the following tutorial:

Screencastify by Kim K. Adams