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Service Costs

Last Updated: 6/9/2020 6:00 PM


R.C.3313.843(F) Services Costs



The Southern Ohio Educational Service Center provides a myriad of services for our member school districts.

Services offered at no excess cost for member districts include:

  • Assistance with Teacher Licensure
  • Bus Driver Physical Exam
  • Business Advisory Council
  • Hosting of professional meetings for superintendents, treasurers, principals, technology coordinators, and administrators.
  • Parent Mentor 
  • Professional Development for teachers, administrators, and other school staff.
  • Representation and coordination with community agencies and programs.
  • Scholarship Administration


Services offered for a set fee include:

  • Assistive Technology--$0.35 per student

  • Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE)--$750.00-$1500.00 depending on level of service

  • CPI-Prices per participant--$40.00 per half day—refresher course $60.00 per day initial course.

  • Professional development for teachers, administrators, board members, and other school staff—rate set per event

  • Curriculum Audits--Customized call for pricing

  • Data Analysis--Customized call for pricing

  • Fingerprinting--$33.00 for BCI, $35.00 for FBI, Both BCI and FBI $60

  • Fingerprinting- On Site Visits- ESC Staff provides service--$150.00 half day; $300.00 full day

  • Fiscal/Payroll/Accounts Payable--Customized call for pricing

  • Grant Writing--Customized call for pricing

  • Instructional Coaching--Customized call for pricing

  • OPES/OTES Training--$125.00 (2 day training); $250.00 (3 day training)

  • Professional development for teachers, administrators, board members, and other school staff--Set per event

  • Resident Educator Services--$3,000.00 participation fee / $295.00 per Resident Educator

  • Substitute Employment Services--Customized - call for pricing - cost based in part on district substitute per diem

  • Supervision of Teachers / Paraprofessionals--Customized - call for pricing

  • Value Added Training--Customized - call for pricing

  • Substitute Processing (paperwork, orientation, certification, fingerprinting)--$3,000.00 per year

  • Superintendent / Treasurer Search--$4,500.00 per search plus legal/vetting fees

  • Truancy Officer--$5,000.00 per year


Services offered on a cost reimbursement rate:

  • Aides/Health Aides--Customized - call for pricing
  • Curriculum Coordinator--$513.27 per diem
  • Gifted Coordinator--$506.07 per diem
  • Gifted Intervention Classroom Teacher--$395.40 per diem
  • GRADS Instructor--$250.53 per diem
  • Interpreter Services--$45.93 per hour
  • School Psychologist--$545.22 per diem
  • Social Worker/Mental Health Counselor--$72.05 per hour
  • Speech Language Pathologist--$538.29 per diem


Classroom Services: (monthly per child cost varies based upon enrollment)

  • Cross Categorical Classrooms--Customized - call for pricing
  • Learning Center (ED) - includes mental health services--Customized - call for pricing


The following services are provided by Region 14 Hopewell Center and are offered on a cost reimbursement basis.    
30% of these costs (50% Autism) are invoiced to districts based upon their students with disabilities ADM with the    
remaining 70% (50% Autism) billed based upon usage of the service.  Please refer to your most recent invoice detail    
for service costs.  Usage and monthly student rates will vary throughout the year based upon number of children    
receiving services.  Please call for customized pricing.    

  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Audiology
  • Autism Resource Specialist
  • Learning Impaired/Deaf Itinerant Teacher
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Preschool Itinerant Teacher
  • Itinerant Teacher for Visually Impaired/Orientation Mobility


*All costs are based upon supply and demand given historical usage.  These costs may increase or decrease depending    
upon the level of participation in a service.  Costs are inclusive.  Services provided and costs listed are as of December 1,    
2019 and are subject to change and/or modification based upon the cost to provide the service.  Non-member clients    
may be assessed additional fees for all services.      

*Costs for staff services include salary, benefits, travel, professional development, supplies/materials, equipment, fiscal fee, supervision and any other cost as cost agreed upon with the customer.

The S.O.E.S.C. may consider other programs not listed in this memo if the service is requested by a school district.