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Employee Accomplishments and Awards

Employee Accomplishments and Awards

Teamwork 11.2017

Team Work Award by Ohio Educational Service Center Association

On Monday, November 13, 2017 two local educators were recognized for their team work at the Ohio Educational Service Center Association annual awards ceremony.  Jackie Miller of Brown County ESC and Kim A. Adams of Southern Ohio ESC collaborate to meet the needs of the districts in our region.  Since the inception of the OTES,  eTPES and Resident Educator programs Jackie Miller and Kim Adams have collaborated, planned, presented, coached and reflected together.  They are so synchronous that others from the outside do not recognize they are from different organizations, much less have many additional duties beyond OTES, Resident Educator and eTPES. They are the epitome of teamwork. 

Jackie and Kim both work diligently to stay abreast of current trends and any revisions or initiatives so they can present the most up to date information to their audiences.  Communication is the key to their unified approach and they are both passionate about assisting new educators to grow professionally. 

Jackie and Kim both have experience as classroom teachers and in leadership roles.  They are quick to build a strong rapport with the new teachers and mentors. They genuinely care to help them to be successful in the classroom and it is evident in a very short time.  Jackie and Kim are both lifelong learners. They continue to stay closely connected to the classroom setting by coaching, evaluating and staying current with standards, instructional strategies and assessment techniques by attending professional developments to grow themselves.

Both of these professionals have presented at high quality professional development trainings around the state.  Their reputation proceeds them.  They are known to be knowledgeable and engaging.  This duo is highly respected regionally and state wide by educators and other professionals due to their expertise and understanding of the processes.   Jackie and Kim are models that others within both organizations and beyond look to when working on projects that require team work.  They illustrate the Helen Keller quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.