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2022 FBW Recipients


Southern Ohio Educational Service Center (SOESC) recognized four senior high school students from Adams, Clinton, Fayette, and Highland Counties for their academic success and school and community service at a Recognition Dinner on April 5.

Dan Roberts, Educational Consultant, shared ten simple statements he created that he felt would greatly benefit the recipients throughout their journey called LIFE. He concluded with his favorite saying from Abraham Lincoln, “Fame is a vapor. Popularity an accident and riches take wings. The only thing that endures is your character.”

Students were selected based on their school grades, test scores, activities, an essay detailing their short-term and long-term goals, both academically or professional and personal, and a letter of recommendation from an educator or individual that positively impacted their lives. SOESC awarded recipients certificate plaques and a RocketBook Fusion to utilize in their future education.


Myla Toole, Adams County Recipient, plans to attend Xavier University and major in pre-medicine. Ms. Melanie Ohnewehr, High School Counselor, wrote a letter of recommendation for Myla Toole.


Ms. Ohnewehr said, “Ms. Toole is always doing her best work and has excelled in any area she applies herself to, whether it is academic or community service-related. When applying herself to a task, she works hard and sets her expectations for herself, and encourages those around her to excel as well.”


Jacob Lansing, Clinton County Recipient, plans to attend The Ohio State University and major in Animal Sciences. Ms. Georgette McClain, Biological Sciences Teacher, wrote a letter of recommendation for Jacob Lansing. 


Ms. McClain said, “Jacob is a top-performing student who is most concerned about actually learning course material and not just earning an “A.”  I have watched Jacob grow from a great student to a superb one; sharpening his study skills and evolving into someone who has learned the material well enough to explain it to other students. He manages to meet all of his obligations and never makes excuses. I must say he is one of the most dependable young people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”


Mac Miller, Fayette County Recipient, is considering attending the University of Cincinnati and majoring in finance. Mr. David Penwell, a High School of Business Teacher, wrote a letter of recommendation for Mac Miller. 


Mr. Penwell said, “In my 16 years in education, Mac is the finest young man I have met. His caring, compassionate attitude for humanity is amazing. Mac truly cares about people. He brings out the best in people, and has a way of making them feel accepted and important.”


Bridget Wilkin, Highland County Recipient, plans to attend The Ohio State University and major in Health Exploration with an intent to become an anesthesiologist. Mr. R. Scott Howard, Deacon/Praise-Team Leader, wrote a letter of recommendation for Bridget Wilkin. 


Mr. Howard said, “As a member of our congregation, Bridget became our lead pianist at the age of fourteen and has far surpassed our expectations in terms of dedication, punctuality, and sheer enthusiasm for the job. There is no doubt in my mind that Bridget will succeed in anything she puts her mind to doing. She takes pride in her talents and puts 110% into everything she attempts.”


Mr. Curt Bradshaw, School Improvement Consultant for SOESC, shared the selection process and announced the overall recipient. “To honor former State Superintendent Dr. Franklin B. Walter, the Ohio Educational Service Center Association established the Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Awards to promote student achievement and recognize academic accomplishment. Myla Toole will represent  SOESC at the program in Lewis Center on Tuesday, May 3.”, said Mr. Bradshaw.


SOESC Superintendent Ms. Beth Justice said, “These four students truly represent the best of the best in the region, and I want to congratulate them on their many accomplishments. Students, we thank you for being leaders for our future and wish you the very best.”


Southern Ohio Educational Service Center provides specialized academic and support services to twelve school districts in Adams, Clinton, Fayette, and Highland Counties. Districts receive services from school improvement consultants, gifted and special education consultants, speech pathologists, psychologists, and special education teachers.