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Complete Assessment of Student Learning (RED SECTION) Data Measures Inventory, Synthesizing Student Data: Assembling a Class Profile, Determining Instructional Grouping, Monitoring Student Learning-whole class, Classroom data (student work samples).

Mentors guide and direct RE to continually analyze multiple sources of data (including daily classroom formative assessment data) as evidence of student learning. Mentors assist RE in translating data into information that reveals class trends and patterns that is supported through formative assessment and that informs each element of the Teaching & Learning Cycle: assess, plan, teach, revise, and reflect.

2. (GREEN SECTION) Formal Observation by mentor of Resident Educator. In Year 2, this best practice emphasizes frequent and ongoing observations with timely feedback for both mentors and Resident Educators.
3. (GREEN SECTION) Resident Educator Observation of a veteran teacher having strength in an area that the RE wants to improve/professional growth.
4. Instructional Planning Cycle 1: Assessment of and Planning for Student Learning (BLUE SECTION) Planning Guide
  ~Analyzing Student Work (two students)
  ~Evidence of completion of 3 Instructional Cycles
  ~Evidence of mentor and RE collaborative conversations

Year 2 Instructional Cycles are a natural segue from Lesson Study. Mentors facilitate collaborative conversations and provide timely and specific feedback about the "thinking behind," the elements of, and the need for, high level, purposeful instructional planning. The questions in each section serve as thinking guides for deeper understanding and implementation of the Teaching & Learning Cycle.
Data Measures Inventory for the Classroom
Synthesis of Student Data: Class Profile
Intentional Instructional Grouping
Monitoring Student Learning
Observation: A Guide for Mentors Working with Resident Educators
Protocols for Ongoing Observation
Pre-Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Observation Notes TEMPLATE
Post-Observation Conference: A Reflective Conversation
Reciprocal Observation
Exemplary Teacher Observation: Reflective Conversation
Observations of Exemplary Teacher by Resident Educator
Year 2 Instructional Cycles 1,2,3