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How To Apply To Be A Substitute Teacher (Non-Bachelor Temporary License)


 Apply online with the SOESC using the New Substitute Teacher Packet Application Form.

 I will then send you the paperwork packet to fill out electronically.


  • Please email me a copy of your resume and three letters of professional reference (with contact numbers).

  • Letters of Reference may be from past employers, educators, or counselors.

  • Proof of High School Diploma, High School Transcripts, or College Transcripts. 

All eligible applicants must be at least 21 years of age, hold a high school diploma, have moderate utilization and familiarity with various technology platforms, and pass a BCI & an FBI background check to apply.  (Some districts may require an Associates Degree)

  • Once I receive your packet request, I will email you the new substitute teacher packet to fill out electronically.  

  • When completing this application packet, items to have ready will include your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, & a voided check.


Once you have completed the application process with the Southern OH ESC, you are ready to be fingerprinted.  Please call one of our offices to obtain an appointment to have your BCI/FBI record check completed.

Jennifer Ludwick – Hillsboro Office—937-393-1904 ext. 3901 or email at

Guy Chambers—Wilmington Office—937-382-6921 ext. 1021 or email at

The cost is $60 and must be paid by money order.  No CASH or Personal Checks will be accepted.


After you have been fingerprinted, go to the Ohio Department of Education’s website at and create an OH|ID account or log in to your existing account.  You can then fill out a new application for a Temporary Non-Bachelor's Substitute License Application.  When the application asks for the Superintendent’s Signature, please use IRN# 046375 for Southern Ohio ESC.   The cost for a 1yr. $25.  You will pay online using a credit or debit card to O.D.E. Link to Temporary Non-Bachelor's Degree Substitute Teacher  License Application Checklist from ODE.


Once all paperwork is completed electronically, you have been fingerprinted, you have submitted your resume and three letters of professional reference,  and you have your Temporary Non-Bachelor's Substitute License.  You will be eligible to attend one of our monthly New Substitute Teaching Orientations and interviews.  All documents must be completed one week before the orientation date.  After you have completed all steps, I will send you a letter of registration for the Orientation/Interview indicating the date, time & location.


After completing the Orientation and Interview process and upon recommendation, your name will go out on the monthly substitute teacher list to each district you chose to substitute for.  After each district receives your information, they will submit your name to their board at their next board meeting.  Once you have been approved, they will start calling you.  If you applied to any district using a system called Frontline Management (Formerly AESOP), they would send you a username and password to get you started.  If the district does not use Frontline Management (Formerly AESOP), they typically do not notify you until they start calling you to substitute.