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Resident Educator Program

Resident Educator Program

Southern Ohio Educational Service Center partners with Brown County Educational Service Center to offer a collaborative and comprehensive Resident Educator Program that not only provides support for those during their residency years but also for the mentors assigned to these entry year educators.

Program Overview
The Ohio Resident Educator (RE) Program began in 2011 and is a comprehensive, two-year initiative to assist beginning teachers with mentoring and professional development as they start their education careers. The RE Program is designed to improve teacher retention, enhance teacher quality, and result in improved student achievement. The RE Program can be envisioned as a professional pathway to continued professional learning, leading educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching.

Ohio Revised Code 3319.223 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-24-04 provide the basis for the RE Program and the requirement to successfully pass the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). When teachers successfully complete program requirements, including the RESA component, they become eligible for a professional teaching license.

Changes to the RE Program Beginning with the 2023-2024 School Year:
Local RE programs must transition from a four-year program to a two-year program structure.

Participants in the RE Program must successfully complete two program years.

Previously registered REs are also only required to complete two program years, including years they’ve already completed.

Credit for prior teaching experience is no longer available.

Program Coordinators must register REs for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) in Year 2 of the RE Program, and there is no longer a limit on attempts to successfully complete the RESA.

More resources can be found on our Resident Educator Program page.
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Rogina Conroy
Program Coordinator
937-382-6921 x1012
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Grace Eads
Program Facilitator
937-382-6921 x1035
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Hannah Garen
Program Facilitator
937-382-6921 x1011